Area Rug Cleaning can Enhance the Look of Your Floors

Deal with the neglect

Daily foot traffic, kids and pets can all take a toll on your rug.  After a while, it’s going to look worn and neglected and if you look carefully you’re even going to see the dirt build-up.  It’s quite a shock!

Grime and soil can have a devastating impact on your rug, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  But there is someone you can call – Somerset Carpet Cleaners.  

Let Us Restore Your Rug

Perhaps you think that rug cleaning is something you can tackle alone.  Well quite a few people try, and the results often aren’t that good.  But you can trust our expertise – we know exactly how to deal with your rug, and through our cleaning, restore it to its former glory.  The difference will be tremendous and you won’t regret the money you’ve spent.

Every Rug is Precious 

We will take care of you rug as if it is our own.  Our expert technicians will first of all pre-examine it, to determine the specific cleaning method it needs.  They will then loosen dirt and fibers, clean it thoroughly, rinse it gently then leave it to dry in a climate-controlled room.  Before the final inspect, it will be groomed properly.  We also offer a free pick-up and delivery service for your convenience.

Whatever condition it is in, leave your precious rug with us.  You’ll be overjoyed with the results.