Rug Repair that Restores and Revitalizes

Look After Your Precious Rug

Every rug is precious to its owner, whether it’s a family heirloom or something chosen with time and care, to give a finishing touch to a special room.

Whether your rug is costly or of great sentimental value, we understand just how much it means to you.  And here at Somerset Carpet Cleaning, our expert technicians are here to maintain it.  

We Can Fix the Problem

However big the problem is, you can be sure that we will fix it.  We’re here to help – and you can depend on is. 

Rips, holes, stains, even simple wear and tear mean that your rug might suffer.  But we can help!  We’ve got years of experience and know exactly what techniques are most appropriate for your specific rug.

You don’t have to throw out your rug – you can leave it with us and we’ll have it back with you quickly, looking as good as new.

You Never Have to Worry Again

We can patch holes, match dyes, re-weave tassels and fringes and deal with damage inflicted by fire and water.  That’s why we are here – so you can turn to us for the help you need.  Whatever restoration it needs, you can be sure we’ll do it.

With our special attention, you can have your rug back to its previous condition, making your home look beautiful once again.