Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Why shouldn’t I rent a machine and clean my carpet myself?

A. The machines available for rental on the high street cannot do the job that professional cleaning equipment can.  The deep cleaning power used by truck-mounted machinery means that the dirt and grime deeply embedded in your carpet will come out, unlike a cleaning with a rental machine, where only surface grime is removed.  

And all carpets are different – which means a professional can advise you on the exact cleaning method you need, to make sure the cleaning is effective.

Q. Can I get an estimate over the phone? 

A. It certainly is possible, but not advisable.  Any reputable company will want to look at your carpet in person, to give see the exact condition it is in.  Then and only then will they be able to give you an accurate estimate.  If you are quoted a low price over the phone, beware!  Rock bottom prices are often a sign that something is too good to be true!  

Q. How often should I have my carpet cleaned? 

A. This depends a great deal on how much foot traffic your home sees.  As a rule of thumb, your carpet should be professional cleaned at least once a year.  If your carpet sees a lot of traffic, more frequent cleaning is a good idea. 

Q. How can I keep my carpet in good condition between cleanings?

A. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly, at least twice a week.  If you have children and pets, every other day is advisable.  Make sure you go over each area more than once, and move the vacuum cleaner slowly.  This lets the machine pick up grime and dirt more effectively.

Q. What if the manufacturer's tag on my sofa says to dry clean?

A. If this is the case, the fabric of the furniture will need to be cleaned in a more delicate way.  Our technicians are all experienced and will be careful to use a cleaning method that will leave your upholstery unharmed, and in fine condition.

Q. How can I can I best look after my upholstery, once cleaned?

A. We provide fabric protection treatments which help resist stains, acting as ‘invisible barrier’ between liquids and fabric.  This will extend the life of your furniture considerably.  Regular vacuuming with an attachment is also recommended.

Q. Can I spot clean my furniture myself?

A.  It is hard to know exactly what effect store-bought cleaning solutions will have on your upholstery fabric.  It is possible that it may actually cause a stain to deepen and then spread.  Therefore we do not recommend Do-It-Yourself spot cleaning on furniture – better to call a professional.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee of your services?

A. Yes. All of our services come with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction.  If you are not happy with the job we have done, we will return and do it again, or refund you your money.